COVID-19: Winter League Trial Days are off

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

The two Trial Days scheduled for 23 & 30 March to test out the proposed Winter League match format have been postponed.

Springwood as the host club have taken the decision that it is entirely the wrong time to be staging these days with the threat of the Coronavirus looming and wish them to be rearranged for a later and safer date.

It should be stressed that Springwood remain totally committed to hosting a Winter League later this year but with all the speculation, uncertainty and risk involved do not want to be the cause of, or centre of attention in the event of, any escalation of the problem locally.

The Trial Days would have helped form thinking about the format of the Winter League but it is not critical that they held at this time. There will be other opportunities to stage these days in the future.

We hope to rearrange the Trial Days for later in the year but obviously that depends on when the threat from the virus recedes. I trust that all clubs will understand the difficult situation that Springwood found themselves in and will respect and support their decision.

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