Winter League planning moves on

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Plans for the Veteran's Winter League are back on the table as we look forward to a Phase 3 relaxation which will allow us to start the competition this year.

You may recall that 10 teams put themselves forward to be involved in two trial events last March. Those plans got overtaken by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and the trial days were postponed. It was always intended to start the Winter League fixtures in October but that could change if the Government and the BCGBA relax the rules in the near future. With the likelihood that there will be no clash with a Summer League this year, the clubs are preparing for a possible September launch of the new League.

Lots of things still to work through but already Springwood have reconfirmed their commitment to hosting the League over the Winter. They are also set up to react to an earlier start date if circumstances allow. All the 10 initial teams have been approached and asked to check with their proposed team bowlers if they are still available to bowl if the rules allow. Once those numbers are known planning can step forward.

A second club has come forward and offered their green to the new competition so if there are any bowler number restrictions in force that can be countered by using a second green that option is open to the new League.

In the meanwhile, a new set of Winter League Rules will be agreed in preparation for the start of the season and a Conference Call meeting will be set up between teams to work through these so that they are fit for purpose.

The notes from the meeting of teams of March 9 are widely available through the link below.

WinterLeagueMeeting March2020Notes
Download PDF • 99KB

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