Winter League name change to ...Winter League

The title of our League is a little long-winded. Huddersfield Seniors Mixed Winter Bowling League seems to almost attempt to include all the league rules in the title. The League Chairman raised the subject at the recent Management Committee meeting and all present agreed that it was a bit of a mouthful and didn't really help in promoting the League to the bowling community.

In fact, hardly anyone uses the full title so the Management Committee agreed that we needed to change it to something more manageable. Seeing as it has widely been referred to as the Huddersfield Winter League it was agreed that this should be our new name.

So with immediate effect the HSMWBL becomes the Huddersfield Winter League which means no change at all to most people but will save some printer ink over the coming years! The observant of you will have noted that the website homepage has been showing the new/old name for a few days now.

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