Winter League decisions

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

The notes of the Conference Call meeting of the teams involved in the new Winter League have been circulated to all those clubs and are now reproduced on the website for the information of all clubs and League officials. This meeting was held on 16 June and the record of the meeting is available here.

A number of decisions were made about the playing format, scoring system, player eligibility, finance, the offer of a second green to overcome any pandemic restrictions,

inviting more team applications and a set of League Rules. All these are covered in the meeting notes,

Subsequent to that meeting a set of League Rules have been drafted and are close to final agreement with the teams in preparation for the start of the first season. These will be published once finalised.

The League is still waiting for the HDVBA rule amendment to be discussed by all the League clubs which will then allow a mixed-gender competition to be run under its auspices. The coronavirus pandemic delaying the calling of a Special General Meeting to vote on this matter.

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