Why is the Lawn Bowls guidance so different?

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

It was interesting to read the guidance provided by Bowls England to the sport of Lawn Bowls which is remarkably different to the guidance from the BCGBA. The sports and the yardages may be very similar but the restrictions seem to be much more rigid for the crown green bowlers.

For instance, the BCGBA guidance indicates that no more than six people should be on or around the green at any one time. Whereas the Lawn Bowls guidance states that you are allowed up to six bowlers from different households per rink with only alternate rinks being used. A Google search indicates that greens are normally divided into six rinks, so even using alternate rinks means a potential of 18 people on the green of 18 different households.

The total number of people on club grounds is left to the discretion of the individual clubs again very different to BCGBA guidance. There is separate national guidance about the numbers allowed in the area which it says should not exceed 30 people. The chart at the foot of this posting has been produced by Bowls England and clearly indicates different rules to those of the BCGBA which our clubs are abiding by.

Then if you go on to the Bowls England website there is a list of open tournaments hosted by clubs that appear still to be going ahead or have already been completed over the past couple of months as well as a list of cancelled competitions.

I am grateful to Alan Hobson for sending me copy of this guidance. For your information a full copy of the Bowls England COVID-19 guidance for Lawn Bowls is available by clicking on the link below.

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Browsing that same website I was interested to read that Bowls England had signed up to the UK Sports Anti-Doping Policy. There are details of hundreds of banned medicines, substances and treatments. These include recreational as well as performance-enhancing aids. This got me thinking on what benefits there might be to someone taking a banned substance in a crown green bowling competition. I wonder if any of our bowlers have tried or are aware of any use of drugs in our sport (excluding Viagra of course)?

Then I also started thinking of our age group and I am sure that the bulk of our bowlers would fail a dope test as many are on some form of medication so I can see why the BCGBA hasn't adopted this same policy. The Bowls England policy goes on to cover testing rules during both in and outside of season. It seems a long way away from the sport that I know.

Bowls England has a good website with up to date information and records including Minutes of Board meetings which are bang up to date and are quite detailed including financial information and even IT reports. This openness is to be applauded. Obviously a very proactive organisation with a wide-ranging remit which makes interesting reading. See it for yourself here.

This information leaflet is produced by Bowls England

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