What next for the Vets League?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

So its a total shutdown of competitive bowling for all of the foreseeable future, so what happens next. Anyone's guess really but this is obviously life-changing for us and our sport. I cannot see our sport ever fully recovering from a Summer-long (?) ban. We may have to accept that bowling has peaked and it is on a downward spiral.

For some that has been the case for somewhile whilst the Veterans League has bucked that trend. Our membership figures have been at record levels for the last few years. This outbreak will inevitably break that upward sequence.

Well we have plenty of time now to pontificate on the future and your Management Committee is looking at establishing 'virtual meetings' so that we can start to look at the options for the future. The thinking about 'virtual meetings' currently extends to examining the use of Conference Calling to set up communications where we can start the task of looking into the future. We can't actually meet but we can talk, we are good at talking!!

Until we have some firm ideas about restart dates then it is impossible to arrange anything but we can start to list all the things that we will need to cover such as a shortened league competition, team and individual KO competitons, finances as clubs have paid their 2020 League fees what do we do about those?

Clubs of course will have their own finances to sort out with no, or a reduced, income how will some clubs survive? Will all clubs continue to maintain their greens to the same level, can they afford to? Many rely on bar sales to pay the bills, many don't have a bar in the first place. Either way it is clear that a different approach is going to be required if clubs are to come out the otherside of this episode in a position to kick-on and mount a full recovery. Worrying times.

What really worries me about this self-isolation is how am I going to get my haircut if I am housebound for 10-14 weeks?

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