We should have been bowling today

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Today is the scheduled first day of our 50th Anniversary bowling season but not a single wood will be bowled.

The start of the 6-Man League season should have been followed by the first day of the 10-Man League season tomorrow but instead, the 832 of us who would have been enjoying a sunny start to 6-months of bowling are confined to barracks.

Anyone who has read the April Newsletter will now know that we have no chance of completing a full normal season of League fixtures but that doesn't mean that we have given up on the season, no way. That same newsletter lists the options still open to us for some competitive bowling in 2020.

Your Management Committee is holding a Conference Call virtual meeting next Monday (13th) to review the situation but it is unlikely that they can come up with any certain arrangements until the lock-down phase has been lifted. Even then it is anticipated that there will be some difficulties in establishing some form of competition.

The recent online survey we are still holding indicates that most bowlers have given up on this season altogether. Most don't expect to have any kind of meaningful competition this year.

Against that backdrop, two other factors could undermine any return to bowling. Although that same survey indicated that the majority of greens are still being maintained will that still be the case in 3 months time? Then will bowlers be prepared to return to bowling straight away? Inevitably there will still be concerns of a second or third wave of infections which those members with underlying health conditions will be especially wary of. The ability to field full teams is going to be a factor for many clubs for the rest of this season and that in turn will influence their decisions about teams for next season.

All these difficulties have to be faced, overcome or worked around if we are to salvage anything from this season. The long term damage to our sport is something that may be a more damning legacy and we have to face up to the fact that this may be a real turning point in bowling, and many other sports, in general.

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