We are definitely a Mixed League now

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

With all teams starting to register their bowlers for the coming season it is interesting to note the number of lady bowlers that have already been signed up. Of the first 9 teams to submit the names and details of their 2020 squads so far, 6 of them have already included lady bowlers. I have no doubt that trend will continue and I understand that we may expect to have one team of all women.

So after all the furore of having a Mixed Veteran's League that accompanied our bid to become part of the HDVBA it is good to acknowledge the take-up of registrations and the growing interest of teams wishing to play in a Mixed League.

There is still room on our waiting list for any team that wishes to be part of the future of the Winter League. We have a fixed number of 14 teams already signed up for the start of the season but any team considering putting forward a team for next year can register that interest now and get their place on the waiting list. I already have one club prepared to offer their green to the League for next year if the demand is there for a third division. Contact Us

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