Was Dalton BC formed in 1895 or earlier?

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

The recent quiz question on the lowest green in Huddersfield put the focus on to Dalton and that prompted Des Emsall to look back in the history of all the greens in that area. In particular he tried to source the starting date of what is now Dalton Bowling Club as there is a gap in the records of when the club first came into being.

Des discovered that the adjacent cricket ground appears on maps from 1831. A bowling green footprint first appears on one local map from 1888 but is not labelled as such but neither is the cricket ground and that was certainly there. It wasn't until 1905 that a map was produced with the bowling green and cricket ground both named.

Des believes that whilst bowling would have been taking place socially on this green from at least 1888 that the actual date of the formation of the Dalton Bowling Club would date from the formation of the Huddersfield Amateur Bowling Association in 1895 when Dalton was a founder member. The inaugural season league winner was Taylor Hill. Incidentally on the Huddersfield Crown Green Bowling Association site the date is shown as 1896 and shows that the Binns Cup winners that year were Taylor Hill.

1905 Map - click on it to enlarge

So in the light of all this evidence I am adding the Dalton formed date to 1895 on the listing I am compiling until someone provides me with some facts to the contrary. Thanks Des for all your efforts on this and did you know that there are still another six greens on my list (below) awaiting some first formed dates. Feel free!

The oldest club on my current listing is Kirkheaton Con which was formed in 1891 with Waterloo in 1893 and then Almondbury Lib and Lindley BC the following year. So this new information puts Dalton right among the oldest group of clubs in the area.

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