UPDATE: Post-Pandemic Poll

I understand that a few visitors have had a problem accessing the full 7 questions in the Poll. I have tweaked the table below and hopefully it should now be OK. If for any reason it isn't then please use this alternative link to the 7 Poll questions. The Poll will close on Wednesday morning. Alternative Poll link

We have received 65 responses to date of this Poll and one of the most surprising outcomes is in Question 6. This asks 'If League matches were being played would you play for your team in July?' Less than half of the responses said that they would definitely play for their team in a League fixture in July. If that response is replicated throughout all the clubs then it is very difficult to see how we can run any kind of competitive team bowling in 2020. The Question 6 votes cast so far are ....

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A very high number of responses took advantage of the opportunity to add any concerns that members had about returning to bowling next month. Of the 65 entries, 49 had added a comment and some of these are included below. The full voting outcome and all the comments will be posted online once the Poll concludes which will be on Wednesday.

You still have time to add your opinion by answering as many of the 7 questions as you wish in this Poll which is still open below.

We may be carefully edging towards a time where we get the all-clear to play some sort of competitive bowling but how prepared are you to return to the green? Lindley Lib bowler Martin Holt suggested holding a poll of bowlers to gauge what support there would be to a return to bowling this year. I thought that was a good idea so have set up a seven-question poll to test out bowler's reaction.

We decided to ask our bowlers what their current thinking is around such matters. So we have started a short 7-question poll to learn how you are currently positioned as regards a return to normality.

Answer the seven questions below on life after the pandemic assuming that we resume competitive bowling in July which is questionable but let's assume that for now. Skip any questions you don't want to answer.

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