Two more green opening dates revealed

I am grateful to Kenneth Broadbent and Richard Pearcey for providing me with the dates of the first opening of their club greens.

Kenneth quotes an article in The Huddersfield Chronicle dated 25 October 1890 which informs its readers of the opening of the new Kirkheaton Conservative Club and goes on to state that a new large (!!?) bowling green was under construction at the back of the club. Assuming that work was completed in a timely manner then Kenneth suggests that an opening date for the green of the following year, 1891, would be a reasonable assumption. However one has to question the complete accuracy of this report when it refers to the new green as being 'large'. If the date is correct then that will make this green the oldest (so far), as well as the smallest, in the Veterans' League.

Then Richard tells me that both the Greenhead Park greens were constructed and opened in the same year of 1927.

That makes it six new opening dates for the record books leaving eleven dates still to be added. I have the promise of at least one more when access back into the club is provided but if you can complete any of the missing dates then I will be most grateful.

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