Tuesday games go ahead then season suspended

The Management Committee has reviewed the current situation in the light of the reintroduction of a National Lockdown and is in complete agreement that we need to make every effort to complete our first season.

That being the case all matches scheduled for this Tuesday (3rd) will go ahead as planned.

The season will then be suspended until Lockdown2 is lifted. Should that happen on 2 December as planned the intention is then to play two matches a week to catch up on the postponed fixtures during December and early January. The second day of the week to be used is still to be agreed.

The only other alternative considered was to abandon the season immediately but the Management Committee is loath to do that whilst there is a chance of completing our opening season. Any delay in lifting the restrictions of Lockdown2 will probably lead to the season being abandoned.

Things have never come easy for the Winter League and this latest setback is just another problem to be overcome. Right from the idea of bowling during the winter months being first mentioned there have been difficulties in delivering the intent.

Initially ideas to form an indoor league were thwarted by green availability, followed by delays in identifying a club prepared to release their green during the winter months before Springwood took an active interest, then conflict with the Veterans League hampered progress. Coronavirus then became the biggest threat to us starting at all and the need for a second green was met with Milnsbridge stepping forward to help out.

The first National Lockdown disrupted our plans even more but with the aid of our two host clubs we eventually did get on the greens at the end of September. Now, Lockdown2 is the latest challenge we have had to face. As long as this is lifted as planned on 2 December then we should be fine to catch up and complete our inaugural season as planned but that is without taking into account the British weather!

So to repeat for clarification....

We bowl on Tuesday 3 November as scheduled.

The season will then be suspended from 4 November to 2 December when we hope to resume fixtures with the lifting of the National Lockdown2. We will then play twice a week during December and early January to catch-up with the postponed matches.

Read the full Winter League Story of how the League has overcome the problems it has faced and this latest episode now needs adding to that tale.

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