Track & Trace compliance for host clubs

As part of the preparation for our first season in these very different times is the requirement for host clubs to attain approval of their compliance with the BCGBA guidelines. It isn't just for the approval of the BCGBA of course as these measures are all about assuring League bowlers that all appropriate steps for an individual's safety have been catered for at each green.

The YCCGBA are acting as approval agents for the BCGBA in this process and they have to approve the Risk Assessment submitted by clubs. It transpires that the one major thing from these assessments that determines whether a club gets that approval or not is around their provision of appropriate Track & Trace measures.

That being the case all bowlers in the League are fore-warned that they will be required to sign in and leave a contact telephone number each time they turn up to bowl. Please ensure that you do this every time you play as failure to do so is against the guidelines and could jeopardise the host's compliance status as well as resulting in a spread of the infection as well! All these measures are for the safety of bowlers in our League.

Both of our hosting clubs - Springwood and Milnsbridge - have already obtained from YCCGBA written approval of their compliance with the BCGBA guidelines.

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