Tier 3 from Monday but OK to bowl on Tuesday

The announcement that Kirklees is to move into the Very High Tier 3 level of the lockdown table as from Monday is no surprise. Fortunately, the new restrictions do not impact directly on competitive bowling so we are okay to go ahead with our fixture programme as normal on Tuesday.

The full list of restrictions imposed as part of a Tier 3 area are listed below with the specific mention of outdoor organised sports events covered in the bottom left corner box. The new restrictions come into force from Monday with a review after 28 days. Not good news in general but at least we have some consolation in being able to continue playing our sport.

It is worth making a timely reminder about the restrictions imposed by the BCGBA in allowing clubs to stage competitive matches. Both our clubs have attained the approval of Yorkshire CCGBA by fully complying with the safety controls as stipulated. Bowlers are asked to book in on arrival leaving contact details in line with the Track & Trace requirements. Masks are required when entering the clubhouse and social distancing of two metres should be adhered to at all times. Everyone is reminded that spectators are not permitted at either green to enable us to remain below the 30-people limit.

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