Tier 1, 2 or 3? Bowl On Regardless

If Kirklees becomes a COVID Tier 3 area will we still be allowed to bowl? With speculation rife that Kirklees could be heading towards a tightening on restrictions to become a Tier 3 location we wondered what the implications could be for our bowling league.

Bob Haigh delved into the Gov.uk website for the official guidance and it is good news for Winter League bowlers and beyond. With areas now classed as being in different Tiers which determines what level of restrictions are enforced. The three levels are Medium, High and Very High. Currently Kirklees is at Tier 2 level which is High. Speculation mounts that we are about to be elevated to the most severe level which is Tier 3 Very High.

The Gov.uk guidance lists what you can and cannot do at each Tier level. The good news is that whatever level is set the implications are the same for outdoor sports such as bowling, they don't vary at all. So at all three Tier levels the rules stipulate that:

Organised sport/licenced physical activity allowed in outdoor settings. Indoor organised sport must follow social contact rules (other than youth or disabled sport).

This means that we can continue League bowling for the foreseeable future. For once something is working in our favour. Individuals then need to make their own decisions about how safe they feel in such an environment. Our two host clubs have been approved by Yorkshire CCGBA as complying with the BCGBA guidance and are taking all the required steps to ensure the safety of all bowlers.

For your information, the full guidance across all sectors at all three Tier levels is below with the sport rules ringed in the bottom left corner. Alternatively download the three tables to read in full.

Click on any image to enlarge.

Alternatively download the three tables to read in full by clicking on the zip file link below. When saved to your computer just double click to open up the choice of the above 3 images to view in detail.

Download ZIP • 2.84MB

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