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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

This website over the last 7 years has become the 'go to' site for all local bowling news. It has not just provided a service about any individual league but gone much wider than that and we are very keen to continue in that role.

News of club events, national news, club history, the passing of local bowling names, funding and training opportunities as well as becoming the focal point for passing information on about the Coronavirus outbreak and how clubs are handling the return to bowling. We may not have had any competitive bowling for 11 months but that doesn't mean that nothing is happening and we can always talk bowling as some consolation.

That talk continues to attract over 200 visitors a day to the site, goodness knows how many it would be if there was some bowling to talk about! During the summer season of 2019 we averaged over 400 visitors a day, an average that had increased every year that the website has existed.

Now that the site has become the Winter League website there is no reason for that to change and every reason for the role to be expanded and I hope to be able to share some exciting news about the extension of the website's scope in the coming weeks. For now I continue to look to local bowlers and clubs to provide me with information to feed the hunger of the bowling community for all the news about their sport in Huddersfield.

So continue to tell me all the news about your club, bowlers, league or even wider than that. Photographs of how your green and surrounds are looking are always welcome. Photos from your club's history are even more welcome as they are so valued by our visitors.

This website was first formed in November 2013 and has gradually expanded so that for the last five years it has been updated every day (except Christmas weeks and a few odd days when the site was being upgraded) ever since, a record I am very proud of. A website, no matter how flash it may look, is only as good as it's content. I need the help of bowlers and clubs to keep the site fresh and up to date. Send me your news, history, gossip and photographs now. Contact Us

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