The lowest greens in town - progress report

Good early response to this Two-Question Quiz with some correct answers and a few way off the mark.

This quiz is all about the lowest club greens in the area. We asked you to name two clubs.

Q1: The current club that is lower than any other current club at 200feet above sea level.

Q2: The club no longer in existence which is the lowest ever in the area at just 186feet above sea level.

This is a tough one but I am sure that some of you are up for it.

I will let it run over the weekend before sharing the answers with you on Monday.

Submit your best guesses for either or both. Guess Now

Well done to Peter Read, Bill Blackburn, Bob Haigh, Neil Hinchliffe, Des Emsall, Dennis Machen and Allan Dobson for correctly guessing the current lowest green.

Two of that number went on to almost correctly answer the harder question of naming the extinct green that was lower than any other green, current or extinct, in the area. Those two being Allan Dobson and Des Emsall. However, they correctly identified the location of that green but named a different associated pub/club than I have written down so still looking for a 100% correct answer for Question 2.

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