UPDATE: The lowest greens in Huddersfield

Update & Correction below

Last week we asked you for the highest green in the Huddersfield area, this week guess what we are asking? That's right we want the lowest club greens in the area.

But it is not quite that straight-forward. We want you to name two clubs.

Q1: The current club that is lower than any other current club at 240feet above sea level.

Q2: The club no longer in existence which is the lowest ever in the area at just 187feet above sea level.

This is a tough one.

Submit your best guesses for either or both. Guess Now

UPDATE: Three guesses in the first hour all selected the same current green which was not the one that I had selected. Whooops! On checking, I find that the three amigos are correct. This means that the clue of both greens being within half-a-mile of each other is no longer a valid clue and has been removed. Sorry about that. So well done to Peter Read, Bill Blackburn and Bob Haigh for guessing the current lowest green. No correct entries received so far for the lowest extinct green in town.

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