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Updated: May 28, 2020

Next week we expect to circulate the 42nd consecutive monthly newsletter to over 350 signed up subscribers. With no bowling for the last eight months it becomes increasingly difficult to find sensible content to include and make it worthwhile. However, I am determined to continue producing the monthly diatribe as a single defiant stance against the Coronavirus pandemic. You can help me.

It would be good to get some contributions from others to ease the workload and to make the newsletter more inclusive and much more interesting. If you ever felt the urge to record your feelings about bowling then now is your opportunity. If you have a story, a recollection, a situation, a viewpoint on anything bowling related then put it on paper and send it in for inclusion in the next, or a future newsletter.

I can suggest a few topics that may prompt some memories or urges from you to commit to paper your history, feelings or stance on bowling matters, such as...

  • my favourite bowling story

  • my earliest recollection of bowling

  • a character I met whilst bowling

  • my typical bowling day

  • all about your bowling club

  • why do I bowl

  • my best ever bowling performance

  • my worst ever bowling performance

  • the funniest thing I have seen on a bowling green

  • how I am surviving the lockdown period

  • how much I am missing bowling

  • what one rule I would change about bowling

  • my future aims for my club

  • my bowling life

There are lots more so let your mind wander and add to this list and then think about sharing your experiences with like-minded people. Don't worry about the spelling or grammar too much, I've got tools that can soon sort that out, the important bit is the story itself.

If it is to go in the June issue then I need it by next Wednesday (27th). But there is no real deadline, there is always another issue of the newsletter coming along the following month. Send it in when you are happy with it. If it's a self-indulgent crap piece of writing that is a total embarrassment then I will tell you and it won't get printed. But if it's a heartfelt story of your experiences then I would be delighted to include it.

If you have an idea for an article but are unsure if it is worthy or appropriate then get in touch and share the idea and I'll tell you if I think it is worth writing up or not. Contact Us

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