The Inner Game of Crown Green Bowling

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

You may be interested in a new book just published which works through the mind games of crown green bowling. Written by Andy Fleming from Barnsley who only took up the sport in 2019. The book concentrates on the thinking process every bowler should undertake each time they go out to practice or play in a match. It is very much a new-boy approach as he shares his learnings and experience by delving into areas to help him progress his game beyond the physical aspects of it.

Only published last month it is available on Amazon in paperback for £13.99 or a Kindle version will set you back £4.99 and can be found here. The book currently carries ten 5-star reviews with comments praising the book from each of those ten raters.

If you are looking for that extra edge to your game then this book may help and is definitely one for the deep-thinkers. Here is the preamble to the book from the relevant Amazon page:

Imagine being able to visualise your bowl coming to rest against the jack and then executing the shot exactly as you intended. What if you were able to judge the distance between your last bowl and the jack from the mat so that your next bowl was nothing short of perfect leaving your opponent dumbfounded? Inconsistent performance often leaves many crown green bowlers frustrated and dejected.

Well-planned and focused practice will boost your skills and improve your game. However, if you continue to practice but do not commit to training the mind, your development and ability will remain limited. Remember, crown green bowling is a mind game.

The inner game of crown green bowling will enable you to:

• Train your mind in order to practice awareness

• Learn the art of concentration – essential for consistency

• Set performance-related SMART goals

• Understand the concept of trying too hard

• Practice affirmations and creative visualisation

• Putting the inner game into practice

• Effective practice sessions.

By working on all these areas, you can steer clear of interruptions and self-doubt by focusing on emotional intelligence. Concentration coupled with awareness is paramount in crown green bowling. Trying too hard only results in stress, which can negatively impact your performance.

The inner game of crown green bowling will explore all of these skills and help you sharpen your game. Your mind is your own personal computer: you just need to programme it right through practicing awareness. Andy recognises the importance of not only practicing techniques but believes that there also needs to be an emphasis on training one’s mind. He shows that practicing awareness and utilising emotional intelligence are key instruments in training the brain to win the inner mental game of crown green bowling.

Practicing awareness is one of, if not the most, important aspects of the mind game. Whether watching your bowl from the outset to the conclusion of its journey or having the ability to judge the distance between a bowl and the jack from the mat, aspects such as these are important to your game. Accumulating the required data will enable your brain to make the necessary calculations and adjustments. Your mind is your own personal computer; all you need to do is programme it correctly.

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