The History of Meltham BC

Readers of this website will appreciate how much we enjoy sharing historical information about our clubs and teams. We can add to that today thanks to Allen Chapman who has sent me details of a project that has resulted in a some new information becoming available about the formation of Meltham B.C.

Allen has pointed me towards the Meltham in Focus project which is a comprehensive digitised record of how Meltham has developed over the years and is a very impressive and substantial piece of work. The complete output from that project now resides on the Meltham Town Council website.

I am grateful to the creators of this work in allowing it to be shared with you and I am delighted to provide the above links to take you to that record. The section that covers the formation of the bowling club is Volume C pages 138-141 but below is a short extract from that record.

We are always interested in sharing the history of local bowling clubs and not just those involved in the Winter League. If you can provide any material about any local club we will be delighted to share it on this forum. Photographs of club greens and teams are always welcome as well. Contact Us

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