The highest green in Huddersfield revealed

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Time to reveal the answer to the bowling green that was higher above sea level than the old green on Castle Hill?

Well thank you for all your entries on this one which eluded some of our serial winners of local bowling queries. We did have some correct guesses, just four in fact with Ian Wright and Mike Redfern joining Des Emsall and Bob Haigh in correctly guessing that the Upper Royal George Inn at Scammonden had the highest green in the area.

That green was 331 metres (1,085 feet) above sea level compared to the 267 metres of Castle Hill and sited as per the maps below from 1907. How long it was there is a little unclear as it didn't feature on the Ordnance Survey maps of 1893 and had disappeared when the next maps of the area were produced in 1947. All good stuff and all part of the bowling history of the area.

Maps courtesy of Huddersfield Exposed.

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