The Greenkeeper's Autumn renovation programme

This is an extract of an article on the Bowls Central website which offers a range of articles on how to maintain and improve your green. It seemed topical and sensible so I decided to share it with you.

At this time of year bowling clubs are often inundated with offers from contractors to carry out an autumn renovation programme devised by, you guessed it, the contractor...without actually seeing the green! Bronze, Silver and Gold

These programmes will invariably be classed into three types, typically Bronze, Silver and Gold with Silver being the most profitable for the contractor. Nobody wants to be seen going for the Bronze programme...what would the neighbours think? The odd club here and there that plumps for the Gold package are considered the cherries on the cake! There is nothing intrinsically wrong with such a marketing ploy, many businesses we encounter in all walks of life use it every day. The problem with these programmes however, is that they are all based on conventional greenkeeping and will usually involve all 3 elements that contribute further to the Circle of Decline in bowling greens, namely Sand, high salt Fertilisers and Fungicide.

Working with Facts

A far superior approach to this is to create an autumn renovation programme based on the facts about the condition of your green. The first step in that process is to evaluate your green's condition objectively, i.e. by actually doing some investigation work. This process will help you to develop a better understanding of the issues faced by your green and allow you to make better and more informed decisions on the renovation and maintenance it requires going forward

Autumn Resources

The autumn and winter period is the most important time of year to get some of the key work done on the green and it should be quite a busy time. 

You can read the full article here which also provides links to other sources of greenkeeping advice for an all year round support programme. It includes guidance on 'How to Assess Your Green in an Hour' which explains how to easily assess the current condition of your green prior to establishing a work programme for the Autumn and Winter.

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