The Green at the Belle Vue Hotel at Furze End

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Dalton may be the oldest Veteran's League bowling club as previously stated on this site as being formed in 1878 but there were other clubs in existence before then and even more greens that outdate the Dalton start date.

One of those clubs was the Belle Vue Bowling Club at Furze End at Fartown which was certainly in existence by 1867. Based at the Belle Vue Hotel at the junction of Ashbrow Road and Bradley Boulevard and the green is shown on the map below and this land is now allotments. Like many of the greens of that time they were mainly used for club competitions with occasional matches against other clubs.

The Huddersfield Chronicle records that the third “cup” competition between members was held in 1870 with prize money totalling £40 (about £5,000 in today’s money?) and the club was described as “in a highly prosperous condition, both numerically [i.e. members] and financially”. C. Hudson won the competition that year and was awarded “an electro-plated tea and coffee service” worth £5. It is sometimes referred to as Sheepridge Bowling Club in newspaper articles.

I am once again grateful to David Pattern the Library Systems Manager at The University of Huddersfield for uncovering this information for us.

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