The Green at the Bath Hotel on Lockwood Road

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Can you help uncover the mystery of the bowling green that was behind the Bath Hotel on Lockwood Road? Follow the history of the green in four maps below and share your knowledge about this site.

The first map below is from 1888 and shows the bowling green at the Bath Hotel on Lockwood Road and is clearly marked. Then drop down to Map 2 produced in 1905 where again the bowling green is obviously still in existence. In fact Map 3 from 1947 still shows the area where the green is positioned but it is not marked as a bowling green after 1905. Then drop down to Map 4 from the current time and although no longer there the footprint of the green is still clearly visible.

So what can you tell me about the green at the Bath Hotel? Did any club ever run from there and when did it stop being a bowling green?

Map 1- 1888 (click on any map to enlarge)

Map 2 - 1905

Map 3- 1947

Map 4 - 2020

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