The Founder's Fund reaches £130 mark

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

The opportunity to contribute to the purchase of the Founder's Cup to be awarded to the end-of-season Championship winners has had a great start. In the first 48 hours since the appeal opened £130 has already been donated and more has been pledged which will take the total over £240. The current list of Founders can be found here - your name can be on that list.

The decision to invite the local bowling community to contribute to the first trophy for the new League has been well received. Contributions are welcome from all to purchase an impressive and unique Founder's Cup. In return, each donation towards that purchase will be recognised by a mention on a list of Founders to be acknowledged on this website and elsewhere.

It is an unparalleled opportunity for bowlers to be a part of the long term future of the new League with the Founders Cup set to be the League's top award for years to come.

For a minimum donation of £10 you can add your name to the List of Founders which is a one-off opportunity to be part of the history of the new Winter League. Anyone can add their name to that list by making a minimum £10 donation now.

Treasurer Bob Haigh is having to use his own personal bank account as an interim solution with all banks not accepting new account holders at the present. So the doors are now open for anyone to become a League Founder. Contributions to the Founder's Fund can be made by cheque made out to Robert Haigh and sent to Bob's home address or if you prefer to make a BACS transfer then please email Bob for his bank account details at

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