The Founder's Cup for Winter League Champions

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

The Management Committee looked at the options for acquiring a trophy (or two) for the new League. Previously it had been hoped that the John Hoyle Cup would be a fitting award for the winners of the League. However with the decision made by the HDVBA to not allow the Winter League to operate under its umbrella organisation that has changed. With John's involvement in the HDVBA both as General Secretary and President, the wish of the Hoyle family is quite understandably that the trophy goes to that competition.

The decision has therefore been taken to invite the local bowling community to contribute to the first trophy for the new League. Contributions are welcome from all to purchase an impressive and unique Founder's Cup. In return, each donation towards that purchase will be recognised by a mention on a list of Founders to be acknowledged on this website and elsewhere.

It is an unparalleled opportunity for bowlers to be a part of the long term future of the new League with the Founders Cup set to be the League's top award for years to come. Anyone can add their name to that list by making a minimum £10 donation now.

The League is unable to establish firm financial arrangements at this time as banks are not opening any new current accounts for new customers. That means that the HSMWBL does not yet have its own bank account, we have a Treasurer but nowhere to store the contributions that anyone cares to make. That being the case Treasurer Bob Haigh has offered an interim solution to that problem. He will use his personal bank account to house the Winter League funds. It is not ideal from any perspective but we are grateful to Bob for this short-term solution. If Bob acquires a brand new car and books an exotic foreign holiday in the next few weeks we will be asking questions of him!

So the doors are now open for anyone to become a League Founder. Contributions to the Founder's Fund can be made by cheque made out to Robert Haigh and sent to Bob's home address or if you prefer to make a BACS transfer then please email Bob for his bank account details at

Regular updates on the list of League Founders will feature on this website.

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