The fat lady sings - season is over, official

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

They think its all over - it is now as the fat lady is singing to signify the official cancellation of the 2020 Veteran's League bowling season.

With just 11 weeks remaining of the 26-week normal season and still no indication when visiting teams will be welcome at any club it was an easy decision for the Management Committee to make at their meeting on Monday.

The decision had been left as long as possible as no-one wanted to terminate a playing season if there was any hope of it being restarted in any form. That hope has now gone with the Phase 2a rules released last week leaving no lee-way to cram in any sensible competitive bowling before our normal end of September closing date. Hopefully the current restrictions will be relaxed further to permit some friendly team matches to be played before too long but even that looks doubtful.

The killer ruling that clubs can only allow their own club members to bowl on their green is the only thing holding back the resumption of competitive bowling. All the other rulings can be accommodated by clubs. That same ruling is delaying confirmation of a start date for the new Winter League with hopes still high that a relaxation of this rule before October will allow the competition to start life.

Individual KO competitions are also a non-starter under that present ruling and there could also be an impact on any competition if the ruling about the 30-people maximum gathering is still in place. This would require some alterations to the number of rounds played on one green on a single day but again this can be worked around.

There was also concern that there may be a reduction in the number of entries because of health concerns and that would also signal a drop in the overall standard of bowling. This could devalue the competition and this will be taken into account before any final decision is made. The Management Committee decided not to cancel all individual and pairs knock-out competitions just yet but wait for another month before making that decision.

No decision was made by the Management Committee about the already collected League fees as advised by the Treasurer who said that he would be better placed to respond to that situation later in the year. So the 2020 League season is over and we will not be allowed to celebrate our Golden Jubilee Anniversary with any League bowling. Time to move on.

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