The Bowling Green on Wakefield Road, Dalton

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

I am indebted to Dennis Machen for uncovering a hidden green on the Huddersfield Exposed website. It is on Wakefield Road at Dalton and not listed under the bowling green category. Situated alongside the King's Arms Inn it first appears on the Town Map of 1851 but the final date it is included is very unclear.

Now Dennis remembers this green being there in the mid-1950s and the King's Arms and also remembers the scrapyard that sat behind the green. He recalls a school mate, Tony Moorhouse, whose father owned that scrapyard and Tony eventually took it over.

Neil Hinchliffe informs me that the Kings Arms won the Drayton Cup in 1914.

Does any of this prompt any memories for anyone else about that green, the King's Arms or the scrapyard? Scroll down and add your comment now.

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