The Bowling Green at Harden Moss

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

The picture archives on the Huddersfield Exposed website have uncovered another gem with the startling revelation that there used to be a bowling green at the Wood Cottage Hotel on Greenfield Road at Harden Moss.

Situated near to The Huntsman Inn the former hotel and then Youth Hostel is clearly shown with a bowling green on the Ordnance Survey map of 1893. It is believed that it was really a recreational facility for hotel guests being so remote and hardly any nearby locals who could use the green on a regular basis.

Interestingly the O.S. map shows the boundary line between the hotel and the green - I wonder how that worked for licensing? The hotel was in Meltham Local Board District whilst the green was in Holmfirth Local Board District.

We are also going to have to revise our earlier declaration that the green at Scammonden was the highest in the area (1,086ft), higher than the one at Castle Hill (876ft), as the one at Wood Cottage Hotel is clocked at 1,179feet above sea level.

The Harden Moss Estate was placed up for sale in 1908 with a guide price of £3,700, including the Wood Cottage Hotel, Model Farm, and 360 acres of land.

As the hotel lost its licence in 1916 and was turned into a Youth Hostel, we can only assume that the green became redundant at that point as well as it failed to appear on any maps after that date. The property is now a private residential home.

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