Thank you teams and bowlers

Thank you to all the teams that played in the Test Day events at Springwood and Milnsbridge last Tuesday. Also thank you to all the bowlers who took the time to tell us about their experiences at those events. You can still do that by email or by using our online form.

The Management Committee is working through all the comments received before deciding what needs to change before next week's matches and you can expect to hear of all that on this website as soon as it is finalised. The feedback has generally been very positive so I don't think we are looking at major changes at this stage but a couple of tweaks may resolve some of the problems we came across. There were the very special circumstances of the first competitive team bowling during the pandemic to cater for as well as the new playing format of six teams on a single green. Inevitably several things were new to the bowlers and some things worked better than others.

Also thank you to the team captains for completing the Bowlsnet result cards and posting them online so that all the results were on Bowlsnet on the day of the matches. Excellent. It would be good if the teams still to Verify those results could do so. These are the results still showing in red on Bowlsnet and it just tidies up the record-keeping process. Of course, it also gets you in the habit of checking those results because, let me tell you, if you get one of your bowlers game scores wrong then they will soon be telling you as it immediately impacts on their season-long averages.

Whilst the League Rules say that reporting the result of each match is the responsibility of the first-named ('home') team. Either the 'home' or 'away' team can submit them to Bowlsnet whilst the other team should Verify it. When you do Verify and find an error then you cannot amend it online but such errors need reporting to the Secretary for action.

Thanks again everyone for getting us this far.

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