Testimonials for Tony Emerson

We have collected a selection of testimonials that individuals have posted on various platforms and reproduced them below.

My regards to Mags on the loss of Tony. I, like a lot more, have known him for a long number of years. He will be sorely missed. Brian Swift and Marsh United

Tony Emerson, a true bowling stalwart. I can’t imagine that there were many roles that he didn’t fulfil. A great lover of crown green bowling, and all-round top bloke. Sincere condolences to Margaret. Allan Dobson, Kirkheaton C&BC

Tony was the first bowler I ever played in the old Cons League. He slaughtered me, and we've been friends ever since. Condolences to Margaret. John Townend, Paddock I&C

I only ever saw Tony on or around a green, they just seemed to go together so well. He was always worth listening to when he talked about local bowlers and I always enjoyed his company. Jeff Jacklin, Kirkheaton Con

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