Test Day matches on Bowlsnet

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

The six Test Day fixtures have been added to Bowlsnet in readiness for the opening event on Tuesday 29 September. This day will be a complete test of all live matches including the completion of the Bowlsnet result record.

With the newly announced changes to the parking arrangements and playing format at Springwood all matches will now start at 12.30pm. Playing format

The Test Day line-up remains unchanged and is:

Springwood Green

Clayton West v Rastrick

Hudd.Rec.Club 'A' v Lowerhouses 'B'

Denby Dale v Kirkheaton Con

Milnsbridge Green Hudd.Rec.Club 'B' v Lindley BC

Dalton v Meltham Lowerhouses 'A' v Thorpe Green

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