Test Day matches line-up

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

The Winter League Test Day will be held on Tuesday 29 September exactly 7 days before the start of the first-ever Winter League season in Huddersfield.

There are a number of objectives to the Test Day.

  1. Enable teams to get familiar with the green they will be playing on during the season.

  2. Blow away some of those cobwebs caused by non-activity during the summer.

  3. Try out the playing format.

  4. Test the car parking arrangements.

  5. Test out the catering and raffle plans.

It was important to avoid matching the opening day fixtures scheduled for one week later. The playing line-up for the Test Day is the same as for the last day of the season with substitutes for the two host clubs. So the Test Day line-up is:

Springwood Green Playing format at Springwood

12.30pm start Clayton West v Rastrick

1.15pm start Hudd.Rec.Club 'A' v Lowerhouses 'B'

2.00pm start Denby Dale v Kirkheaton Con

Milnsbridge Green Playing format at Milnsbridge 12.30pm start Hudd.Rec.Club 'B' v Lindley BC

12.30pm start Dalton v Meltham 12.30pm start Lowerhouses 'A' v Thorpe Green

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