Test Day for new League

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

We are to have a Test Day for the League's new playing format a week before the season opens. Twelve teams will play in the test which will be held on both greens on Tuesday 29 September.

The two host clubs (Springwood and Milnsbridge) will have the day off to concentrate on fine-tuning their hospitality duties as the 12 other teams play a friendly against one of their opponents from the new League.

This test day will serve a number of purposes.

  1. It will give bowlers a chance to try out the green that will become their home green for the next 6 months

  2. Teams can try out the League's new playing format and scoring system.

  3. Bowlers can blow some of those cobwebs away and return to friendly but no doubt competitive bowling.

All matches are comprised of 4 Singles games.

All games are 21-up with a point scored for each win.

Two points to the team with the best aggregate total.

More about the playing format tomorrow but suffice to say at this point that on each green it will be 6 teams playing in 3 matches with 4 jacks.

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