Team's Matchday Checklist

The Management Committee met yesterday to finalise arrangements for the opening day of the 2020 Winter League season. The decisions made have been put into a full Matchday Checklist for teams and is reproduced in total below. A copy is also available to download for printing and sharing with team members.

MatchDayChecklist Sept2020
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1. JACKS – teams to provide their own standard jacks. Each bowler will only use their own club jack in their game. (COVID-19 requirement)

2. MATS – teams to provide their own mats. Each bowler will only use their own mat in the game. Lead bowler uses opponents mat who then picks up after sending down final wood. (COVID-19 requirement)

3. Teams to provide their own scorecards. (COVID-19 requirement)

4. First named team (‘home’ team) has jacks 1 & 3. ‘Away’ team has jacks 2 & 4.

5. All four games are Singles and all are 21-up.

6. Play is continuous with no tea break. Bowlers get refreshments as required.

7. Both host clubs intend making canned alcoholic drinks available to purchase.

8. All bowlers must sign-in and leave contact details every week to ensure that the host club complies with the Track & Trace regulations. (COVID-19 requirement)

9. NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED AT EITHER GREEN. This is important as any breaching of the maximum 30-people limit could result in legal action against the host club. Any spectators will be asked to leave. (COVID-19 requirement)

10. Green fees of £10 per team (£2.50 per bowler) per match to be collected by team captain and passed to host club prior to start of play.

11. Upon payment of Green fees, four free raffle tickets will be given to teams. More tickets can be purchased at 50p each as required. Both host clubs intend providing two raffle prizes each week.

12. In the event of the green not being playable on matchdays the host club will contact the nominated team captains by 11:00am. It is then up to the team captain to contact each member of their team. The decision to cancel is the sole responsibility of the host club at all times.

13. Either team can input the result into Bowlsnet but ‘home’ team has responsibility for ensuring the result is recorded on the system within 48 hours (£5 fine for late results). SPRINGWOOD ONLY

14. Car parking is limited to two cars per team at Springwood. These will be in reserved parking spots which will remain reserved for the full playing season.

15. Any additional parking required at Springwood can be accommodated at the car park opposite the Leisure Centre (free parking until 1 January 2021). Please note that on-street parking is for Residents Only and is warden patrolled.

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