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With 40 votes received on the first day of Stage 2 of our 'Best For' Survey, we can share some of the highlights so far.

In the Best Green category one club has taken the early advantage in collecting 34% of the votes to date. The other three on the shortlist have an even spread of votes so it is still very wide open.

The Best Clubhouse score sees the biggest number of votes collected by one club in any category with 46% gained so far. Again the other three shortlisted clubs claim an equal share but have some ground to make up to catch the leader.

Just three votes separate the four clubs in the Best for Parking section and it is an identical story in the Friendliest Welcome category. One club has established a good lead in the Best for Half-time Refreshments section by taking 38% of the votes so far whilst there are two breakaway leaders in the Best for Garden/Flowers section with one club having 44% of all votes counted so far and another with 42%.

There are only 3 votes between all four shortlisted clubs in the Favourite Away Green category but in the Most Challenging Away Green category one club has opened a gap of 3 votes by collecting 38 % of the votes cast to date.

The survey remains open until 6:00 pm Monday and all the Stage 1 and Stage 2 results will be shared then in full. Cast your vote now.

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