Survey Ends - full results

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The Four-Question Survey has ended with exactly 50 responses. Thank you to all those taking the time to complete the survey.

A quick summary of the results indicates that three-quarters of you think it unlikely that we will have any competitive team bowling this year; that most greens are still being maintained and exactly half of the responses are in favour of League fees already paid being carried forward to 2021 and half think that some sort of refund should be offered to clubs.

Ten people took the time to add a comment about the role that the HDVBA could play from now on. The whole survey is just for interest of course but that in itself is a good enough reason to hold it in the first place, what else have we go to do? Thanks again. The full set of results are in the tables below - click on any table to enlarge the image.

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