SURVEY: Closes today - your vote counts

The 'Best For' Survey we have run this week will be closing at tea-time today. So if you have spent the week thinking about your choices in the eight categories then now is the time to cast your votes.

Many of the eight categories are keenly contested with little to choose between the leaders. None more so than the 'Best for Garden/Flowers' where the top two contenders have collected 55% of the votes between them. Whereas in the 'Favourite Away Green' class there have been 22 different clubs already nominated with none of them gaining more than 3 votes.

On Saturday we will be announcing the top performers in each of the eight categories. This will lead into Stage 2 of the Survey. There the top 3 or 4 leading contenders in each category will be named and put forward for everyone to pick their top choice from this shortlist.

I am sure that there will be a few surprises amongst the named clubs as well as a few more obvious contenders. In which category do you think that your club will most prominently feature?

Last chance to vote and influence the shortlist. Stage 1 of the Survey closes at 6:00 pm today. Stage 2 starts Saturday morning.

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