SURVEY: All the results

Thank you for the 59 responses to Stage 2 of the 'Best For' Survey and we can now list all the winners in each of the eight categories. Congratulations to all those that came out top in each category.

It was all just for your entertainment and participation and maybe some of the scores reflect the reality of the current status of these clubs, or maybe they don't. We did it just for interest and I am sure the winners will take some satisfaction away from these results. All the Stage 2 shortlisted clubs who didn't come out top can still take great comfort from the fact that they were 2nd, 3rd or 4th out of 47 clubs. Some achievement.

The table below provides all the positions and percentage votes scored for Stages 1 & 2.

Stage 2 final scores are in BLACK.

They are the scores of the four shortlisted clubs in each category.

The percentage scores will total 100%.

The Stage 1 scores are in RED and in brackets.

The Stage 1 percentage scores will never total 100% because of all the other entries in each category at Stage 1 which didn't progress through to Stage 2.

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