Staggered start times for matches at Springwood

At the Management Committee meeting on Monday Springwood proposed a change to the playing format of matches played on their green. This involved staggering start times to help with an expected car parking problem and the decision was taken to try it out on the Test Day next month before finalising arrangements ready for the start of the season.

The problem of sufficient room for all the expected cars at Springwood has changed the thinking after the local lockdown changed all the plans previously agreed. Springwood have done a lot of work in clearing some adjacent land to provide 6 additional parking places but the local lockdown has compounded the problem as bowlers are told not to car share to help maintain the social distancing rules. So that means 24-30 cars are expected on matchdays. With limited space available and all on-street parking being for residents-only it presents a problem that needed sorting.

The proposed solution is to stagger start times of the three matches due to be played each matchday. All four singles games in each match will be played at the same time. This will then enable the early starters to depart and free up parking for the later arrivals.

That being the case the first two teams (A&B) will go on the green at 12.30pm. The next two teams (C&D) are expected to arrive at the same time and provide markers for the 12.30pm match. Teams A&B will then have to leave to free up parking places for teams E&F. Then C&D will play their match starting at 1.15pm with Springwood providing markers for the four singles games played at that time. Teams E&F will arrive for a 2.00pm start with markers again provided by teams C&D.

There will be a rotation system over the weeks of teams filling each of the roles to even the workload out. This practice, as well as overcoming the parking problem, should further ease concerns about numbers on and around the green making things safer for everyone.

It is recognised that this format is not ideal and hopefully a further easing of restrictions will enable teams to car share in the near future and we can return to a less convoluted arrangement. It is expected that the Test Day will tease out any flaws in this plan and adjustments can then be made to improve arrangements.

This staggered start arrangement only applies to matches to be played at Springwood. Although Milnsbridge has less on-site parking spaces available to them they are not constrained with a surrounding residents-only on-street parking arrangement.

We hope that teams will fully co-operate with these arrangements whilst they are in force to give everyone a chance of competitive bowling under the rules of the new world.

Tomorrow we will be telling you of the six matches to be played on Test Day. From that teams will be able to see the start times of the three matches to be played on the Springwood green.

The plan below outlines arrangements. SW indicates Springwood personnel (catering, raffle, markers, car park attendant).

Click on the image to enlarge.

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