Should clubs refund 2020 membership fees?

A thread has been opened on the Members' Forum regarding club policies on refunding membership fees this year. Philip Walker of Lindley BC asks which clubs have decided to return 2020 membership fees or carry forward subscriptions towards the 2021 fees. He recognises that not all clubs are able to offer refunds with their own financial problems in these troubled times but talks about the moral obligation some may feel. Quoting the examples of social club members or snooker players who haven't been able to enjoy these facilities and events in their club at all and are being twice penalised through no fault of their own.

How does your social or sports club fare in this situation? Do you believe that they are acting honourably or taking advantage of the present situation? Join in the discussion if you are a member or sign up to become a member or just sit on the sidelines and watch the discussion develop. Members Forum

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