Season lift-off confirmed by KMC & YCCGBA

Although we have continued to plan to start our fixture programme next Tuesday the rules keep changing and the double update of the Prime Ministers statement on Tuesday and the local lockdown coming into force on the same day has caused some confusion. That was portrayed by a couple of contacts from clubs concerned about remaining legal and safe once we start bowling.

I have therefore been talking to a number of different people about our situation including two bodies who should be well versed with the situation. Those being Yorkshire CCGBA and the Kirklees Public Health Department.

As a result I have been pointed to the KMC website which was updated after the local lockdown was implemented on 22 September to list all the things you can and cannot do under the local lockdown rules including this section....

National Rule of Six: Social gatherings of more than six people are illegal

Social gatherings of more than six people are illegal in England. Schools, workplaces or COVID-secure weddings, funerals and outdoor organised team sports are exempt from this as well as the local restrictions.

This is a straight-forward guide to approval for us to go ahead with our plans. I have been assured by YCCGBA that crown green bowling is one of the designated outdoor sports included in the guidance as long as we remain compliant under the BCGBA rules.

You can read the full list of do's and do-nots on the KMC website here

The full response from YCCGBA

Further to your request for clarification on the Kirklees local lockdown measures.

My interpretation is that you are OK to proceed with your league as you are an organised team sport and providing you stick to the guidelines issued by BCGBA you remain compliant.

The relevant passage from Kirklees and Government web pages is below and this is what I have based my comments on.

'Do not socialise in a group of more than six people indoors or outdoors. Unless at a school, workplace, COVID-19-secure wedding, funeral or taking part in organised team sports.'

Although we have a 30 person limit I would suggest if possible this be brought down to ensure you are always within the limit.

Regards Steve Cochrane YCCGBA Interim CEO Joint

All I can do is present the advice that is available to us from the professionals but at the end of the day it is down to each individual to decide whether they want to bowl or not under the present circumstances. No-one will think less of any individual for stepping back from playing at this time. But if you do intend not playing then for goodness sake please let your team captain know as soon as possible.

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