Sanitiser sanity check

It is understandable that many people are nervous about contact with others during these troubled and difficult times. That relates to the opening of the competitive bowling season as much as anything else. Many questions have to be answered about what are sensible precautions to take as we take to the greens with the opening of the Winter League season.

The two host clubs have taken every sensible precaution they can cater for. They have fully complied with the BCGBA guidance to obtain approval to stage competitive bowling on their green. There has to be a sanity check on all this as well with individual bowlers taking some responsibility to protect their own safety.

Whilst every guidance step and more have been introduced anyone nervous about playing in our matches is welcome to take further precautions as they wish. In particular they may care to bring their own sanitiser to use on their jacks. Although each team will supply their own jacks these may be shared with their own team-mates. So they may wish to ensure that the jack is cleaned between each match. Don't expect someone to do it for you.

Similarly, individuals may have concerns about using crockery provided by the hosts. If that is a concern then think about bringing your own mug/cup along. No-one will be offended by anyone taking extra precautions. This is becoming the new norm.

Social Distancing is a key requirement of life nowadays and we will expect all bowlers to respect this at all times on and off the green. So when your opponent is leading don't stand too close behind them. Remember the social distancing rules state that a gap of 2 metres should be complied with at all times. The distance only reduces to 1 metre if both bowlers are wearing masks.

Step up to the mark and contribute to your own and others safety when playing in our League and if you have concerns make sure that you are doing all that you can to address them. Stay Alert. Control the Virus. Save Lives.

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