Revised matchday plans for Springwood matches

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

With the changes brought in with the relaxation of the local lockdown rules it has allowed a revised parking plan for Springwood to be put together. In particular, the rules around car-sharing mean that less parking spaces will be required enabling all matches to be played at the same time.

The plan now is that all matches can be played with a 12.30pm start time as per the original intent and in line with the arrangements at Milnsbridge. This will work as long as teams adhere to a parking plan that provides two reserved places for each visiting team.

Teams will get the same two places reserved for the full season and if they require more than that then they should use the free parking at the Springwood public car park. Parking there is free until 2021. On-street parking around the Springwood green is Residents-Only.

Below is the revised parking plan with two reserved places for each visiting team.

Click on the image to enlarge

Below is the match playing format to be followed at both greens on Test Day with the expectation that it will continue in the same format for the first season although any Test Day lessons learnt may see it adapted. Three matches and 4 jacks on the green at any one time.

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