UPDATE-Quick Quiz: Put these greens in order

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

UPDATE: After 24 hours there have been 76 entries but only 21 of those have been correct on all six counts.

QUIZ: Continuing on the height above sea level theme to pose another question for you to ponder on.

Place these six current club greens in the height above sea level order. Submit your answer and get an immediate response as to which ones you got in the correct order.

If for any reason the questions don't all show then use this link as an alternative route to the quiz question. I will not be posting the correct answer to this quiz as you can work it out for yourselves from the responses to your entries.

After submitting your answer, scroll up and hit the VIEW SCORE button to see how you did. It is all just for fun. Have as many goes as you need to get to the full correct answer.

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