Press Release: BCGBA rejoins BDA

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

PRESS RELEASE 12 August 2020

The Bowls Development Alliance (BDA) is delighted to announce that the British Crown Green Bowling Association (BCGBA) are re-joining the BDA as a National Governing Body partner.

The news is a great step forward for the sport with three bowls National Governing Bodies now working together with the BDA, the development arm of the sport. Joint working is crucial for the development and profile of the sport and means that resources and expertise can be shared.

Malcolm Douglas, Chair of the BDA commented:

This is exciting news as it provides the opportunity for the BCGBA to be part of the new Play Bowls Strategy, working alongside Sport England. through to March 2026.  It will also make BDA programmes available to BCGBA Clubs, helping recruitment of new members and retaining those who may be unsure about returning to the sport after COVID-19.

Mark Bircumshaw, Chief Executive Officer of the BCGBA, re-enforced these comments:

We are delighted to be re-joining the BDA, not only to progress the development of the sport but to assist in promoting bowls across all codes ensuring that we place the sport in a position of strength.  We look forward to developing the partnership over the coming years.

BCGBA joins Bowls England (BE) and the English Indoor Bowling Association (EIBA) who were part of the original stakeholders who set up the BDA ten years ago to channel government funding and support into the development of bowls.

COMMENT: So this should mean that the BCGBA puts more effort into the development of the sport rather than the development and financial well-being of the BCGBA. They may even have to spend some of that £200,000 nest egg they have tucked away for a rainy day. Certainly, Bowls England has promoted a series of initiatives to improve recruitment of bowlers and raise the profile of the sport far out-weighing anything that the BCGBA has ever done. We await the reality of the leopard changing its spots with interest.

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