Post-Pandemic Poll: Responses (106)

An excellent response to this Poll with 106 entries altogether. Full details of the responses to each of the first six questions are below. The full details of the Comments made by 75 of the 106 responders are on the following posting.

With such a high response it presents a good indication as to the overall feel of veteran bowlers in general and there are some clear indicators from these results.

Main Headlines

Q1: Only a third of responders were not prepared to write this season off entirely.

Q2: Clear message to wait a little longer before making any decision about the future of the Winter League.

Q3: A clear majority of bowlers are happy to go social bowling or single-handed practice. Whilst a quarter of responders will not social bowl at all.

Q4: The majority would be happy to practice bowl with team-mates.

Q5: More than half of the responses were against holding individual competitions this year.

Q6: Less than half of the responders indicated that they would definitely bowl in a League competition this year.

If you have formed your own analysis or have any views or opinions on these outcomes then please share them with your fellow bowlers on our Member's Forum

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