Post-Pandemic Poll

We may be carefully edging towards a time where we get the all-clear to play some sort of competitive bowling but how prepared are you to return to the green? Lindley Lib bowler Martin Holt suggested holding a poll of bowlers to gauge what support there would be to a return to bowling this year. I thought that was a good idea so have set up a seven-question poll to test out bowler's reaction.

If the gates were suddenly open and your team started playing matches in July would you be ready to join in? The feeling seems to be that some people will be very reluctant to risk bringing an infection back into their homes through contact when bowling. Some people are blatantly campaigning to write this season off and have a fresh start in 2021.

We decided to ask our bowlers what their current thinking is around such matters. So we have started a short 7-question poll to learn how you are currently positioned as regards a return to normality.

Answer the seven questions below on life after the pandemic assuming that we resume competitive bowling in July which is questionable but let's assume that for now. Skip any questions you don't want to answer.

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