Points tied ruling

I am grateful to Alan Hobson of Thorpe Green for pointing out that we don't currently have a ruling on how to differentiate between teams in our league tables with the same number of points won.

Bowlsnet is currently set up to adopt the HDVBA Rules on this matter namely ..

In the event of a points tie the season’s ‘Aggregate For’ scores will determine the outcome.  In the event of the teams still being level then the ‘Aggregate Difference’ (i.e. ‘Aggregate For’ minus ‘Aggregate Against’ will determine the positions).

So it is the Aggregate For total that counts and then Aggregate Difference if still tying.

I've added this to the list of matters to be addressed at the end of the season as regards changes to our rules. Meanwhile, for the sake of clarification, this is the way that team positions will continue to be separated in this inaugural season.

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